When commissioning a portrait, many costs are involved. In this section you will find information on pricing and deliverables.

Pricing is done on an individual basis as there are a number of factors that need to be considered when producing a portrait. They are provided here to give you an idea of the costs for commissioning a pet portrait. Please contact the artist directly for an actual quote.


The prices listed below are the base cost of standard portrait sizes.

* Implies multiple portraits on one sheet of paper.

Size – 8” x 10”

Head: $175+ up

Size – 9” x 12”

Head: $205+ up

Size – 11” x 14”

Head: $245+ up

Full Body: $300+ up

Size – 16” x 20”

Head: N/A

Two Heads*: $315+ up

Three Heads*: $455+ up

Full Body: $410+ up


Certain qualities such as a single coloured animal, a brindle or tortoiseshell pattern, or long or curly fur will require more time to produce which will add to the cost of a portrait.

Single-colour, add $20

Tortoiseshell, add $25

Brindle, add $40

Long fur, add $15

Curly fur, add $25

Accessories, such as collars or neckerchiefs, add $25


To commission a pet portrait, one must begin with one or more good photographs. The more photographs provided, the better the portrait. Once photographs have been identified, digital copies will need to be emailed in their original, uncompressed formats.

See photo-tips for more information.

I provide the option of taking photographs of your pets for an additional charge. The sitting fee for a photo session with your pet is as follows:

First hour (one-hour minimum charge), $25

Every extra ½ hour, $10

Note that I am not a professional photographer. The photographs are meant to help create a portrait of your pet and therefore aim to produce sharp, close-up photographs as required.


You may request the digital originals from the photo session. Sharply focused photographs will be provided. Costs are as follows:

15 digital pictures, $5


The finished portrait will be delivered in a poly zip envelope.

The poly zip envelope is made of polypropylene that features a zipper closure. The envelope is durable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant.

The artist is not responsible for any damages to the finished work following delivery.


Framing is not included in the service. The client is responsible for framing the finished product.


Shipping charges, where necessary, will be added to the cost of the portrait. This is a separate charge and covers the cost of shipping as per Canada Post rates. All shipments are insured for the full cost of the portrait, and a signature is required upon delivery.

Where reasonable, the finished portrait will be delivered by hand.


Payments can be made in cash (exchanged in person), or via an Interac® e-Transfer.

For more information regarding Interac® e-Transfer, refer to


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before work on the commissioned portrait is started.

Final payment is due upon completion of the portrait.


The artist retains the rights to all artwork and reserves the right to use any and all images for promotional purposes.